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Our Services Include:



-EKG/Cardiac Capabilities and Initial Assessment of Cardiac Events

-General and Emergency Practice & Pediatric Work

-Gynecological Examinations & Treatment

-Urine Drug Screens

-School, Health, Sports, Dive & DMV Physicals

-Pre-Employment Screenings

-...And Much, Much More!

Our Procedures Include:

-Suture Repair

-Application of Immobilizing Orthopedic Devices (Such as Splints & Casts)

-Breathing Treatments

-Slit Lamp for Complete Examination of the inner eye

-IV Fluid Administration

-...And Much, Much More!
*** Chest pain should be assessed by Emergency personnel.  Please call 911 with any life threatening emergencies ***

If you have any questions as to what services or procedures we provide, do not hesitate to call us at:
(619) 225-6200
Our Treatments Include: 

-Animal Bites


-Athletic Injuries

-Broken Bones






-Eye Irritants




-Fracture Diagnosis and Repair

-Heart Problems



-Laceration/Cut Repair

-Motor Vehicle Accidents


-Respiratory Ailments

-Sexually Transmitted Infections



-Workman’s Compensation Claims

-…And Much, Much More!